Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Animals available for sponsorship

Ellie is a 2 year old green iguana and she arrived at Animal Samaritans in June 2008. She was very aggressive and had received very little handling, was underweight and covered in mites. She is not fit and healthy and a very large lizard with attitude, she has bonded well with her long term foster mum but is very wary of other people. Her favourite hobbies are basking under her heat lamp and riding around on her foster mums head   
Pitch is a 9 year old Siamese cross who joined Animal Samaritans in 2008 after his last owner could not afford veterinary treatment. He has a thyroid problem which requires ongoing veterinary treatment so he is not suitable for re-homing. He is a lively energetic cat who loves people and fuss, his favourite past time is rolling in messy things, the more smelly the better. Pitch is a permanent resident at Animal Samaritans in a foster home where he lives happily with his family.  
Daisy was an old cat when she was brought to Animal Samaritans and was expecting kittens which was unexpected as we presumed she was male, as females are more unusual in ginger cats. She had a healthy litter of kittens which was homed but due to daisy’s age she now lives with her foster mum. 
 Toby is a 3 year old Chihuahua who came to Animal Samaritans after his previous owner was no longer able to keep him. He has ongoing medical problems which makes him unsuitable for re-homing but he is living a happy healthy and pain free life with his foster mum now. Considering his tiny size he is full of life and lives it to the full. 
Tao is a 5 year old Persian cross who arrived with Animal Samaritans as a sickly stray back in 2007. Tao has kidney disease which is treated with medication, he is happy and healthy but due to his long term medical problem makes him unsuitable for re-homing. He is a very laid back cat, enjoys lots of fuss and acts like a dog rather than a cat chasing balls and playing fetch. He lives with his long term foster family and his best friend a Rottweiler cross. 
 Maureen is a  Rhode island red hybrid. She is 1 year old. She  has a small tear in her wattles the bit of skin hanging around her mouth and she also has tiny white feathers on her belly where the new feathers have grown back.  Maureen is a bright tame chicken who comes when you shake a food bowl and will crouch down to be stroked, even after what she has been through she has a huge amount of trust in people. Maureen likes nothing better than some grated cheese and will chase you around the garden for it after cheese it would be mealworms.  Maureen hates the rain and runs for cover although paddles in her water bowl.
Zena is an 11 year old beautiful Tortoiseshell girl. She has distinctive Markings and a white stripe which stretches from her chest to her belly. Zena is a placid cat who likes nothing better than to snooze the day away. She meows to greet you when she wants some fuss and won’t stop until she gets her own way. Zena loves the small furry mice you buy which look almost real and that is the only thing which stops her sleeping and she will play with these for hours before chewing them to bits leaving you to find them and think it’s a real mouse.Zena doesn’t really dislike anything except the vets and the cat box which takes her there when she sees a cat basket she is off like a rocket and will cry the whole trip to the vets
 Timmy is a 12 year old White poodle . He has black patches which show through after being clipped on his skin and a small growth on his front leg.  Timmy, for an older dog has lots of life and very cheeky he loves playing with his ball but it must be a furry ball and he will play for hours bringing it to you and running off before you can take it.  Aside from cuddles Timmy has another passion in his life: Food!! For a small dog he is very greedy and loves his daily treat. Timmy hates Thunderstorms this sends him running for cover and can often be found on his foster dads lap or hiding under the bed.
Smuggler & Cheuk  

'Smuggler' and 'Cheuk' are 2 year old Herman’s tortoises. All tortoises have markings which are individual like a finger print.  Smuggler is the braver of the two he will eat from your hand and climb over you while you sit on the grass But Cheuk is very shy and normally hides until he thinks you have gone. They both love a bath and a treat of fresh strawberry.

Both right now hate being examined by the vet and hide in there shells for as long as possible.