Wednesday, January 19, 2022


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  Name - Ollie 
Age - Approx 2 years old

Ollie is a house rabbit. He is litter box trained and roams free in the house.

If you feel you can give Ollie a home, please contact us 

Male – JUNIOR        Females – KLEO

Baby rabbits - currently 10 weeks old. They are mixed breed (netherland dwarf with mini lop lineage)

They are lively, inquisitive and friendly, good at going to bed at their bedtime routine and sleeping throughout the night. Litter trained with a few mishaps.

Handled regularly, well cared for and healthy. They have been raised indoors.



Sparkle and Marshmallow (one boy one girl, the boy is neutered.)
They are indoor rabbits and have been together since birth, brother and sister.

They will need to be rehomed together