Friday, December 06, 2019


Rabbits for Rehoming - please call main number

  Names - Monty and Gizmo
Ages - approx 3/4 years old

They are brothers were given to the current owners when they were around 7 months old.  They were fine together for a long time but do not get along now. The owner thinks when they hit puberty, that's when the fighting started.  They never drew blood and they tried to put them back together a few times but they did not like it. 

They need to be rehomed separately.


  The 7 Dwarves - Doc, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy and Dopey

These lovely baby bunnies came into rescue from an unwanted litter. They are 8 weeks old and a mixture of girls and boys. We are looking to rehome them in pairs or as a companion to an existing bunny.
They are being fostered by Emma - 07403 062647.

  Name - Deno
Age - approx 1 year old

Lovely Deno is looking for his forever home.
  Name - Mimi
Age - approx 18 months

She is a cross mini lop is and is looking for a forever home
Name - Elsa
Age - 3 months

Elsa is a pretty English cross female rabbit. Her current owner is allergic and so now Elsa is looking for a forever home. 

Name - Florence
Age - Approx 1 year old

This little lady has been dumped by her owner and is now looking for a special forever home
Name - Liquorice
Age - 4 months old

This little boy is neutered. Ready for a new forever home.

Bright Eyes
Name - Bright eyes
Age - Approx 1 year old

Sadly another little lady dumped by her owner. Looking for a forever home.

Name - Tufty
Age  - 1 year old

Tufty is a neutered very pretty lion head cross looking for a forever home. 

  Names - Snowy and Lily 
Ages - 7 months old

Both neutered females.