Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Successfully re-homed by Animal Samaritans


It's been  a busy few months for the Rabbit rehoming team


Here are some pictures from Almond and Brazil's new owners...

"This is Almond and Brazil who we’re with us a year ago. Happy and settled in their new home 💕and still loving each other"
      ....more of our lovely cats that have been rehomed this month. 

  We love hearing about our is a message from lucky Nova's new owners....

"Nova has settled in with us really well, everyone falls in love with her, she's so sweet. She enjoys playing, being stroked and exploring the garden and wherever else she goes off to she is happy xxx"





Cats and Dogs that have been rehomed in 2019

  Emma and the team have been busy finding new forever homes for these little beauties.    


Cashew the kitten
Derek & Rodney

Cashew the kitten, Jewel, Minerva, Derek & Rodney, Cheeto, Darjeeling, Oolong, Aslan and Anaya have all found lovely new forever homes. We wish them well xx


   We love hearing about our is a message from lucky Luna's new owners....

"Hello! My partner Steve and I adopted Luna yesterday after fostering her for 6 months. Thought Trish and Vince might like to see this beautiful photo of Luna when she was caught being cheeky! We're so happy we've adopted her and she's now an official member of our pack. We love her more than words can express and she's a perfect addition to our ever growing family! Thank you so much for all the support we've had with her I'll health and everything else."

Great news from lovely Georgina, Bella's new owner

"Hey just sending you some pictures of Bella making herself more than comfy in her new home with me. She's super happy.
Many thanks for allowing me this blessing of a furry friend. She's so wonderful!
Georgina "

  Tom tom, now known as TEDDY has settled well. His new owners sent us this lovely message and photos....
" As promised, please find attached a few pics of Teddy (was previously known as Tom Tom during his first few days at my Mum's house. 
You will be very pleased to hear that Teddy has settled in very well into his new home with my Mum Sally.  Teddy has made my Mum very happy and will be a lovely companion for my Mum too.  He will be really spoilt there and we all love him as he's a very friendly cat and has a lovely character overall.  Teddy especially loves Dreamies treats and cat milk too!  Thank you for all of your help and to Sarah.  We think you do a brilliant job rehoming pets to people who will give them good homes and adore them.  We will definitely recommend you to family and friends.  

Many thanks. Best wishes.
Anita & Sally "
Bella, Mickey, Albie & Dante have now found lovely new homes...updates and more photos coming soon    Albie & Dante


Lovely rocky has found a fabulous new home in Canvey Island. We wish him well xx 

Holly now has a lovely home - more details to follow about her amazing story....


 We get regular updates from our new owners....

"Hi, We collected Caramel in June, and renamed her Clara on the journey back home, she settled in brilliantly, and is a much loved member of our family.
She loves to play, and lets us know in no uncertain terms when she wants attention and to to on our laps!
Thanks for uniting us.
The Walkley family"

Fidel & Salem
Fidel, Salem, Bonnie, Clyde and Blossom have all been rehomed by the team at North West Kent Animal Samaritans 

Millie a stunning Shitzu  came into us and luckily, was rehomed straight away. She now lives with a lovely lady, who all ready has her own dog. She has settled in really well. 

   Bonnie & Clyde

Gorgeous Sushi, Blossom and Muffin have both now found forever homes 



Gorgeous little Tom, Nickoli, Jerry, Fudge, Treacle and Tiggs are all settled in their new forever homes

  Caramel, Fluff, tiger and Liquorice all have wonderful new forever homes 

Fudge, Smudge and Rosie have all found wonderful forever homes.

Annabelle, Darth Vader & Amidalla have also recently been rehomed 
 Fudge and Smudge



Sadly, young Shadow, the black lab was returned to us when the new owners couldn't cope. Luckily, Shadow has fallen right on his feet with his new home. He is booked in to training school for some intensive training and is being spoilt rotten with love and attention. He is loving his new family that adopted him. They have a good knowledge of labs, so we know he will do really well with them.

Little Elsie went to her new fur-ever home in Milton Keynes. She has definitely landed on her feet here as she has a nice big garden to run and play in. Thenew owners are Beagle experts and so will know just how to give her the best life. She has lots of new toys to help her settle. We wish her all the best.


 Angel, a 12 week old Shih tzu  came in to us a few days ago. As soon as we got her out of the car she was spotted one of our neighbours. She fell in love with her instantly and offered her a forever home. After the necessary home checks, we were more than happy to rehome her to to this wonderful lady.

Tango, a 11month old Crossbreed was staying with one of our amazing fosterers for a while. Tango was then offered a forever home with someone who had kindly taken another Animal Samaritan's dog, D.J. Tango now lives happily with DJ.  


Angel                             Tango


Shadow was re-homed In October 2016. We are pleased to tell you he is having a lovely life and has gone to a lovely family. He is much loved and doing really well.

Our lovely Lady was rehomed at the end of last year. She had recently lost her dog to old age and felt she had room in her heart for a new companion. She saw Lady and immediately fell in love. Lady is now enjoying life in her new home and is thoroughly spoilt!

After a difficult start, Buddy has finally found a really nice home with a lovely little dog who has become his best friend. 

Thelma, Louise & Nutmeg have all gone to their lovely new homes. All are reported to be enjoying warm laps and lots of cuddles! 

 Here is two lovely notes from our new owners...

"Just a message to say thank you so much for the joy you've bought me since I adopted a mini lop rabbit called Rusty from you! He's come out he's shell so much, he loves to be wrapped in he's blanket whilst laying on the sofa! Spoilt! You're an amazing charity!! x "
We got our lovely cat who we renamed Kedi she has been a source of great comfort as my husband passed away earlier this year, she stayed on his bed until the end. Now she keeps me company. 
Thankyou Louise. 
Best wishes Polly

This gorgeous collection of cats have been rehomed by our lovely Louise over at North West Kent Animal Samaritans.
They all have wonderful forever homes and can enjoy the rest of their lives on lovely laps.

  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Beautiful Storm, Shade and Purdy are now happy in their forever homes
   as are Bradley, storm and Mittens.  

Beautiful Georgia is now happy in her forever home 

Gorgeous little Prime has gone to his Fur-ever home..we wish him well

Pretty young Mimi has now also found her forever home


Gorgeous Molly & Malone have both been rehomed to their wonderful forever homes. 

Tinks has also been rehomed to a wonderful family xx

We're please to say Tilly and our two little kittens, hobnob and Bourbon have all  now found her forever homes.
  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

We're please to say Poppy the dog and Lola the Cat have now found her forever homes
  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

We're happy to tell you all that gorgeous Harold has now found his forever home 

Jeremy the rabbit has also gone to his new forever home

   Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Gorgeous 9 year old Smudge has now been rehomed. He is currently enjoying a stroke and a cuddle in his new home.

Kitten was an fully grown girl who never shook off her baby name. An adorable pretty tabby girl who loves to lie on her back and have her belly rubbed. She will always want to lick your hand given the opportunity.

  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Gorgeous little Ginger has now found a new forever home. Enjoy your new life with your lovely new family little one xx 

Buzz and Woody (on the right) have both been rehomed.
Hermione, Felix, Custard and Rhubarb have all been successfully rehomes by
Animal Samaritans 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Snowy and Pickles have been successfully rehomed to lovely new families. both only a year old, they have long and fun lives ahead of them in their new homes. 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Amy and Ozzy have been successfully rehomed to lovely new families. We wish them a long and happy life  
   Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Steve was rehomed a couple of years ago and this is him now with some friends. He came from a litter of 2 mums with 9 kittens between them
It's lovely that our rehomers keep in touch to let us know how our little friends are getting along.

 Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Mia has been given a new home with a nice family in Bexleyheath. As her first home was a flat it took a little while to adjust to the garden but now she thoroughly enjoys being outside. Mia is proving to be a very affectionate little cat and she now has the loving home she deserves.

Luna has been rehomed here is what her new owner thinks:
She is a lovely friendly girl who loves playing with her toys, she is a great new addition to the house.
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Beautiful Cassie has now found a loving new home.  

Bella and Lizzie have been with us for a while. They have shown little interest in anyone who wanted to adopt them, indeed they are quite wary of strangers. As they have made it quite clear that they want to stay with their foster family we have decided to leave them there. Despite still being a bit timid they are much loved and very contented cats.
Bella & Lizzie

Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Freddie has finally found his forever home. We wish him well in his new home

Gorgeous little Rufus is settling in nicely in his new forever home 
 Jemima and Patch Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Jemima and Patch have been successfully rehomed. They will enjoy the rest of their lives frolicking in the sunshine and enjoying eating grass!
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

9yr old Tigger came to us when her owner could not cope due to ill-health. She has now found a lovely home out in the country with a lady who appreciates the companionship of a more mature cat. Tigger very soon settled in and is now really enjoying all the care and attention she is getting. 
 Eclipse  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

"I wanted to send this email to say a huge thank you for allowing me to re-home another of your beautiful cats - Eclipse (formerly Jessie).
He's had so much change to get used to in such a short space of time (a little over a week) but he's excelled at all the new changes he's faced. 

Despite never living in a home with a dog, yet alone 2, within a week, he's laid next to them when we've all had our nightly cuddles, he's even taken it upon himself to cuddle up to Jinx (formerly Smudge) our other rescued cat. Although at times she can be a grump :-(

He's taken to his new bed and collar well and enjoyed waking me up at all hours calling for a cuddle or performing aerobics on the windowsill which is all funny stuff!  Thank you once again for the dedication you show to rescue these poor cats who want nothing but a clean and safe home, sadly many of which have never experienced. Every time I have spoken to Bill and Sarah they've been nothing but helpful and polite.
I shall be sure to recommend you to my friends and family and will be a regular adoptee of cats in future from A.S." 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Young Jinxy had a few problems with children in her previous home but now she has found a home with a nice lady, where there are no children or other cats. Jinxy can now get peace and quiet whenever she wants it and plenty of TLC too  

When 9 month old Micky came to us he was timid and scared. He had been found as a stray and brought to us. A proper diet and lots of TLC soon sorted him out and he became a happy and playful little boy. Now Micky has gone to live with the family of Oscar, another of our rescue cats whose own success story can be found further down this page.
 Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

A nice couple had lost one of their cats and the remaining one was rather distressed without a companion. They chose Dave to live with them and he has proven to be great success. He was an instant hit with the couple and the older cat is slowly getting used to him

Our Charlie was proving a bit particular when it came to choosing a new home. He is a big boy who likes lots of fuss and attention. He has now chosen to live with a lady who will make sure he gets plenty of both and Charlie now keeps a close eye on her just to make sure things are done to his satisfaction
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Lola was a challenging little pup. Sadly, her previous owners had given us the wrong information about her,  which we only discovered when she was finally given to our fosterer for assesment. She was frightened of men, going out for walks and other dogs. She has a lot of issues and after careful assessment, we felt a little more work should be done with rehabilitation and to prepare her for her new home.
We are happy to say she has now gone to a very special new home, who are willing to spend the time with her and have the experience to be able to care for Lola.

It is often difficult to make guarantees with rescue animals and we are especially thankful when people like Lola's new owners come along to offer forever homes to these special and fragile little animals.  
  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Syllen has been rehomed to a wonderful local lady. Syllen will now be living with a beautiful Cava-poo for company. 
She has a lovely large garden to run and play in and will be taken for lots of lovely long walks.

 Midnight  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans - North West Kent

Dave the long haired tabby boy was super friendly and loved a cuddle and to be groomed. He had a lovely nature and was no problem to rehome. He has now found a forever home with a wonderful new owner

Midnight was the sweet little girl who was rescued after her owner could no longer care for her. Friendly and always ready for a  a cuddle, she has gone to her forever lap and is enjoying a lovely new life in her new home.

  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans 

Our big boy Bono has been adopted by a lovely family. Bono takes everything in his stride so he is getting lots of cuddles and attention while at the same time making sure his family get to understand the way he wants things done.
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Daisey came to us at only 13 weeks. She had already had two previous homes and was bought in a car park for just £20!! However, she was not spoilt by this bad start and was the sweetest happiest little girl.
She is now living with another one of our Animal Samaritan success stories, Heathcliff. They share a wonderful home with a wonderful family. 
We wish them all the best of luck.
 Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Kiki, our three legged tabby girl, has been adopted by Izabella and her family. She has won the hearts of everyone even the incumbent ginger tom. We wondered if Kiki would be able to manage the stairs but she does so extremely well. Our special thanks must go to Izabella, as not everyone is prepared to take on a disabled pet.

 Successfully reunited with her owner by Animal Samaritans

 Primrose came to us as a stray. However a short time after her arrival we had Primrose scanned for a microchip. Well Primrose did have a chip so we were able to reunite her with her owners, a very happy Xmas for that family.

Finlay & new best friend, Summer 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Finlay has a lovely new home and new chihuahua best friend called Summer. He is enjoying life and is very happy with his wonderful new family.
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans 

Vicky,Toby,Benny and Bootsie were born in our cat section in September. Mum Daisy was an excellent mother and they all thrived really well. When they were about 10 weeks old we sent them out into the world.

Vicky and Benny went to Katherine, one of our cat section volunteers. Katherine and her mum are now treating the kittens royally.

Bootsie  was adopted by a vet nurse and her family, he is also getting to know their other cat and hopefully they will be firm friends.


And finally Toby is staying with his mum as part of a family who really love them both.
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Kimmy came into our care when she was about 20 weeks old. Now she has found a forever home with a lovely family. She has children to play with and she gets lots of cuddles from everyone. Even the families existing cat has taken to her. 

Simba is a really lucky boy.  He came into our care as an unwanted pet and only two days later Emma contacted us looking for a young black tom. It was a real case of love at first sight for both of them. When Simba was taken to Emma's house he behaved as though he had lived there all his live. A really happy, and speedy, outcome.


 Mug and Norm Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

This is Mug, the little Maltese x pugwho was in need of an URGENT REHOME! She has found a forever home with a wonderful lady called Kirsten and her little dog Norm, who is a Shih Tzu x Pug. They look like brother and sister!!
What a happy ending for a gorgeous and friendly little lady.
Phoebe  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans - North West Kent

Phoebe is happy in her new home with a wonderful family who absolutely adore her.
Mother Jasmine and her gorgeous kittens have all also been rehomed to wonderful new families.

Jasmine and her kittens 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Rory the little Bichon has happily been rehomed. He has gone to a lovely family who will cherish and spoil him. He has the run of a beautiful garden and large home and also has a little visiting playmate pug to keep him company.

Gerry the Shih Tzu yesterday to a lovely family in Slade Green who already have a Cavishon girl dog and have visiting family dogs at weekends. He is a super dog and is settling in very well already. xx
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Gorgeous little smirnoff was rehomed after a very short time with us. He was a beautiful cuddly mini lop cross and was snapped up by a wonderful family who can't wait to enjoy lots of cuddles with their new addition to the family.  

Bobby was a beautiful boy who was overlooked because of his boisterous nature. He was cared for by one of our wonderful animal Samaritan fosterers who did an amazing job with him.  We are pleased to tell you he has now been rehomed to a wonderful family who are looking forward to bringing out his potential. We wish them well.
 Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Skittles was a bit timid when she came to us. Her previous owner had changed jobs and Skittles was on her own for far too long. A nice lot of TLC soon made her a happy cat again and now she has a forever home with a lovely family who will spoil her lots.

Youngster JoJo came to us at about 10 weeks old, before that she had not had any human contact. This made her very timid. She improved greatly during her time with us but still lacked confidence with people. But now she has a forever home with a couple who understand her problems and have the time and patience to gradually turn her into a loving and affectionate cat.

UPDATE ON JOJO -  sent from new owner...

"Thought you should see JoJo, now Eowyn, who has settled in since her adoption in September last year. Thank you for looking out for the animals that deserve so much more in life.

Little Eowyn has really come out of her shell. She still isn't fond of strangers but it doesn't take her long to come round. She loves her laser pen and her love affair with Garfield, our tom, is just adorable. She's found her home here and seems quite content. I have never had a cat that walks around with her tail held so high before."
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans
Cassie came to us after giving birth to four kittens in a back garden. We collected them all only a couple of hours after the birth. It was quite worrying at first but Cassie was a good mum and the journey did not stress her too much. She made a tremendous job of rearing the kittens and, once they were old enough, they were soon re-homed. Cassie herself was given a bit of R&R and then she was neutered.

Being a very friendly and affectionate cat Cassie has now got a lovely new home with a family who love her to bits and are treating her royally.

Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Sooty is only a young cat but something in her life had made her rather withdrawn and timid. Happily she has now been adopted by a lady who has the time and patience to work with her. We are confident that with time and lots of TLC Sooty will come out of her shell and be a marvellous happy little cat.

Here is a great picture of Greta's boy Jasper (now known as Wilf!) and his best buddy Eddie the Parson Russell. They now live with John and are having a fab time playing together. All of Greta kittens have been bought up with the Animal Samaritan volunteer's dogs so they are very used to them
              Jenny                       Judy

      Jason                               Jane
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Kittens Jason, Judy, Jenny and Jane have now found their forever homes. Jason is living with a family. Jason is a very outgoing little boy so he loves all the fun and games and won't  leave the children alone.
The three girls are also happily settled in their new homes. They are getting lots of attention and they have older cats to make friends with
Animal Samaritan help in many ways..

We were contacted by Jonathan, Max’s owner just after they had been through one of the most traumatic events a dog owner can ever experience.

At the beginning of July, Jonathan had taken his three Yorkies for an early morning walk.  All three of them were well controlled on leads when out of know where came a large Bull Mastiff.  The Bull Mastiff took Max in his mouth and stated to maul him. The owner jumped on the dog and tried to help to prize poor little Max from his large jaws.  Eventually, they managed to release him, but Max was in a very bad way. He had been virtually ripped apart and Jonathan though he was dead. He then notices Max was still breathing and  with the help of a passer-by, Max was quickly taken to a local vets. The prognosis was not good. They gave him less than a 5% survival chance and suggested putting Max to sleep.  The owner refused and wanted to try and save Max. We were contacted by Jonathan as the vet bill was very high, but he was desperate to save his beloved little friend. Sadly,he was struggling to find all the funds so The Animal Samaritans stepped in and helped to pay part of the bill. After a long operation and intensive care, we are over the moon to tell you that Max survived.  Max has now made a very good recovery, his owner has him back home with his friends and he is enjoying walks again. 

Doris and Fred  Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Fred & Doris have been successfully rehomed together to a lovely family. 

Bobby had a sad start in life. He was dumped in a box outside a rubbish chute by a block of flats. He was a lovely friendly rabbit and we are happy to tell you, he has found a wonderful forever home. 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Roxie was not a happy girl when she came to us. Her owners had two adult dogs, which wasn't too bad, but when they got two puppies as well this proved too much for our Roxie. She became quite upset so her owners decided to give her up for adoption. Luckily we had room and took her in. After she settled in we  soon realized what a bright and affectionate little cat she was.  Roxie has now been adopted by a nice lady who is happy to give Roxie all the TLC she wants.  

Lucky was rehomed with a wonderful couple. Jill and her husband have welcomed Lucky as a new family member. We are pleased to report he is enjoying his new surroundings and has settled well.
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

We are happy to tell you, Jeremy and Lola have both been rehomed.
Jeremy has found a lady bunny to live with and Lola has found a loving male to pair up with. 

Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Six year old Oscar came to us after his elderly owner had to be rushed to hospital. The next door neighbors were looking after him but when it became clear that his owner would have to go into care they contacted us. We found Oscar to be quite a laid back sort of chap, very easygoing and very affectionate.  Oscar has now gone to live in an adult only home and he has settled in really well, once everyone realized who was in charge! 
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Smudge came into rescue because her owners had to move and could not take her with them. She soon settled in and we found her to be an affectionate and even tempered cat.

We were contacted by Donna, who wanted a cat who would get on with her two dogs. Smudge had once lived with a dog so we decided to give her a try. After the home check we took Smudge along to meet Donna and her two dogs. Donna took to Smudge straight away and we worked out a plan to introduce Smudge to the dogs gradually over a period. But Smudge and the dogs could not be bothered with all that and by the end of day two Smudge had settled into the middle of the dogs bed leaving them squashed up at either end!

Smudge has since been renamed Jinx and we have been told by Donna that She's settling in very well. Over the past few days she's started to come down stairs as she predominantly likes to sleep all day on my bed. She's shown no inclination to go outside which I actually quite like as it gets dark so early. She's adorable around the dogs and they enjoy her company - she even gets in their bed.

               Smudge (Jinx)                         

Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Mandy came to us with a litter of four very young kittens. Given her age this was probably the last of four or five litters. Mandy and kittens needed about six weeks in our nursery unit and with care and a good diet they all thrived.

After the kittens were weaned Mandy was neutered and soon adopted by Michael from Dartford. She has settled in and has made a very loving and affectionate pet with many happy, and kitten free, years in front of her.


Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Kada was one of a pair of cats who came to us via social services. Her owner had been taken into care and the cats had to be found new homes. Kada was timid and subdued by the other cat who was very dominant. After the two were separated Kada gradually came out of her shell. She is a little bit shy of strangers but when she gets to know you she is quite affectionate. We found Kada a lovely home with a lady whose house backs onto fields and Kada now spends many happy hours chasing insects and playing in the grass. But she is always happy to come indoors for her tea and a nice cuddle before bedtime.

Animal Samaritan help in many ways.. 

Breeze and Hope were rescued from a concrete shed, starving and in a terrible condition. With the love and help of many volunteers they were transported to kennelling faciliites and then on to foster homes. They were retrained and rehabilitated, as they had no social skills and were extremely nervous. This extensive training and rehabilitation was paid for by the kind donations you make. 
We are happy to report that they are both in forever homes, enjoying life to the full...Just as these beautiful dogs deserve.
Breeze and Hope
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Bella the Labradoodle is having a wonderful time with her new forever family. She has enjoyed days at the beach and long runs in the countryside.

Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

We are pleased to tell you Teddy has been successfully rehomed into a wonderful family with another little yorkie cross for company. He has already enjoyed meeting his extended family, played in the park and had wonderful cuddles with his new family. 
We wish him and his new family  all the best 
Roger & Kerry
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Roger and Kerry have been rehomed to a lovely family who are very rabbit orientated! They are enjoying life in their new surroundings. They have the most wonderful new hutch with plenty of green grass to snack on. They have also been renamed Thumper & Ginger.  
Successfully rehomed by Animal Samaritans

Bobby was unwanted by previous owner and  bought in my us. After a few weeks Bobby found a great new owner called Kay. He is now having a fantastic life with Kay and 2 cats. 

We're happy to tell you lovely Maisy has found a new home.She is a pretty lionhead cross and had recently lost her partner and was looking for a neutered male to pair up with. She is no longer lonely and living a very happy life with her new companion.