Frequently asked questions

I don’t have any time to spare but I want to help?  You can help in many ways, make a one off donation, sponsor a pet, donate some pet food….check out our ‘Get involved’ page to see all the ways you can make a difference.

How can I donate money?  If you wish to donate funds, please contact us and we will give you details of how to donate. Email us at

Or send us a cheque or postal order to Animal Samaritans, PO box 154, Welling, Kent. DA16 2WS 

Can I apply to rehome a pet if I have children? We do not rehome to families with young children, (under 6) however, please consider helping in another way. Perhaps with a donation or sponsoring an animal until your children are older and re-homing is available.

I need help with vet bills, can you help? We will consider all requests. However, our funds are limited and we have to try to spread our help to as many animals as possible. If we cannot help, we may be able to put you in touch with other organisations who can.

I need to re-home my pet, who do I contact? If you Email us at  we will direct your enquiry to the appropriate re-homing co-ordinator. Try to give us as much information as possible when you contact us.

I only want to rehome a certain breed of dog? Can we choose?  Because of the nature of animal rescue, we cannot predict what animals which may come to us looking for new forever homes. We will take your details and place an animal with you if we think you would be a good match. We carry out extensive home checks to ensure the dog is suitable for your living environments and situation. Fill in an adoption application questionaire  and Email us at 

What happens if I don’t get along my my new rehome animal? Animal Samaritans will always endeavour to take an animal back if the re-home is unsuccessful.

Are the re-home animals FREE? No, we charge a small adoption fee to cover our costs, veterinary, worming..etc. This fee is put straight back into the funds to help the next animal that requires our assistance. Any adoption fee we receive for animals that are rehomed are is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

What is the home check for? We carry out home checks to make sure your home is suitable for one of our re-home animals to be safe and secure. We will advise you if we think changes need to be made to satisfy the requirements. Once these changes are made, we will be happy to place an animal with you. 

Can I leave my animal with you when i go on holiday? No we are not a kennels or pet boarding facility.

I would like to foster animals for you. How do I apply? If you Email us at  we will direct your enquiry to the appropriate re-homing co-ordinator. Once we have had a chat and carried out a home check, we will discuss with you the fostering process. We are always looking for good foster homes. 

When you lose a pet, the pain can be heart breaking.  We  have a pet Memorial Page where you can send us photos and tell us a little about your pet that has passed to Rainbow Bridge. 

See our Memorial Page here

For Pet loss support, we suggest the Blue Cross   who have trained bereavement councillors.